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Water, Water, Everywhere...

World Premiere Production on Governor's Island, Summer 2019.

Let’s play a memory game. In Exquisite Corpse Company’s performative exhibition, Water, Water, Everywhere...  step into the lives of people from the past and future. Four overlapping storylines unfold in an immersive, interdisciplinary experience inspired by Governors Island’s past inside a historic house that was once a home. 

Directed by Tara Elliott and Tess Howsam

Written by Leah Barker, Blake Bishton, Emily Krause, and Elinor T. Vanderburg

Produced by Liz Frost and Exquisite Corpse Company

Featuring: Varak Baronian, Ignacio Garcia-Bustelo, Jorge Sanches-Diaz, Megan Ermilio, Anya Krawcheck, Vanessa Lynah, Josanna Vaz, Stephanie Orta-Vazquez

Technical Director: Andrew Dobbins

Stage Manager: Holly M. Wright

Lighting Design: Ariella Axelbank

Costume Design: Matsy Stinson

Sound Design: Jesse Vance

Original Score: KG Garlington

Art Design by: Eamon Boylan, Andrea Caldarise, Lee Collins, Tess Howsam, Rachel Jones, Amity Jones, Becca Travis

Photos by Al Rodriguez

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