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World Premiere Production in Brooklyn. Spring 2021.

New York Times Critics Pick

Two people, a fish, a New York City apartment on top of a trailer bed, and you.


Exquisite Corpse Company is back with an interactive, immersive, and portable living diorama of 2020. Over the course of 35 minutes, the audience experiences an interactive, COVID-19 safe, live performance, and plays a role in dictating the way the story plays out.  The project aims to explore interactivity and intimacy in a time of isolation. Functioning like a traveling peep-show, audience members peer inside a living room that is equal parts familiar and absurd as they experience a living room drama unlike any they’ve seen before.

Directed by: Tess Howsam and Portia Lewis

Produced by: Liz Frost and Exquisite Corpse Company


Written by: Leah Barker, Emily Krause, and Elinor T. Vanderburg

Literary Direction: Blake Bishton and Philip Christian Smith

Featuring: Jules Forsberg-Lary, Leana Gardella, Starr Kirkland, Vanessa Lynah

COVID-19 Consultant: Zachary J. Bailey

Stage Manager: Sari Schein

Lighting Design: Krista Smith

Costume Design: Matsy Stinson

Sound and Graphic Design: Ran Xia

Art and Scenic Design: Emily Addison and Dominica Montoya

Interactive Devices: Jesse Vance

Intimacy Director: Daniella Caggiano

Carpenter: Sean T. McGrath

Photos by Jessica Dalene, courtesy of Guild Hall

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