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Persephone gets snatched to the underworld, but the place isn't really what she expected. Hades has his own problems to deal with as well, especially when the memory archive is at capacity with the refugees pouring into the world of the dead.

Pomegrenade was produced by the Arctic Group as part of the IRT 3B Developmental Series, Summer 2017.

Written and Directed by Ran Xia

Featuring: Zoe Abuyuan, Sagan Chen, Jes Davis, Maricelis Galanes, Sean Hinckle, Finn Kilgore, Lizzy Ana Lincoln, Andrea Negrete, Jara Skagfjord, Sarah Gwynne Walker, Marie Zoumanigui

Stage Manager: Leah Gonsalves

Associate Director: Julia Levine

Fight Choreography: Madeleine Emerick

Scenic Design: Julie A. Solomon

Lighting Design: Elizabeth M. Stewart

Sound Design: Ran Xia

Original Score and Music Direction: Emily Krause

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