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A fisherman in a small coastal town dreams of mass marine extinction, and hauls in empty traps each day. A prodigal son returns, looking for answers. Three young women are beginning to change form, and nobody is talking about it. And yes, some time in the past, on a particularly cold midnight, a woman walked into the sea. It has happened before.

SOMETHING FOR THE FISH is a play about people on the verge of enormous change, set in a small coastal town rocked by the sudden disappearance of the sea life it depends on. It is both a climate change parable and an intimate look at the transformative (and transfiguring) power of grief.

Development History:

Staged Reading, SUNY Plattsburgh - March 2023

Directed by Shawna Mefferd Kelty

World Premiere, Center for Performance Research - August 2018

Directed by Jenna Rossman

Produced by Emily Caffery


Brie Archer

Vanessa Bretas

Diane Chen

Megan Ermilio

Andrea Lopez

Leila Teitelman

Sarah Gwynne Walker

Scenic Design: Tekla Monson

Lighting Design: Abigail Wang

Sound Design: Carsen Joenk

Costume Design: Indigo Rancourt

Stage Manager: Sydnee Drake Peterson

Assistant Director: Britt Berke

Show Art: Andrea Negrete

Developmental Reading, Great Plains Theatre Conference - May 2018

Directed by Amy Schweid


photos by: Emily Caffery

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