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Elise’s old man is dead, the son-of-a-bitch. Nate and Hazel have joined her in the middle of nowhere to dance, drink, and self-destruct, as together they navigate love and mourning. Come out, crack open a Budweiser and knock one back, or two, or ten, for the people who have stepped on you. Because a good wake is basically a party...right?

Development History:

World Premiere, IRT 3B Developmental Series - December 2019

Directed by Florence Le Bas


Ruby Hurlock

Audrey Morton

Brian Ott*

Costume Design - Florence Le Bas

Lighting Design - Annie Garrett-Larsen

Set Design - Rachel Zimmerman

Fight Choreography - Jake Parisse

Music Director - Emily Krause

Stage Manager - Sydnee Drake Peterson

Staged Reading, The Playwriting Collective - November 2016

Directed by Jenna Rossman


Emily Krause

Marco Muñoz

Andrea Negrete

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